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3060Award Recommendations and History Lesson

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  • Craig
    Sep 1, 2008
      Greetings All –

      If you look at our Kingdom Calendar we are going to be graced with
      the Crown's presence twice this coming winter. This means we have two
      opportunities for members of our populace to be recognized for their
      service, arts, and marshal skills.

      Please consider recommending people for awards to be granted at both
      Vanished Wood's "All Souls" in November and Tree-Girt-Sea's "12th
      Night" in January. Their Majesties are always looking to hear from us
      on the good works and efforts of the people we live alongside.

      You can check the Order of Precedence here first to see if the award
      has already been given:

      You can then submit your recommendation using the Kingdom's online

      Now… as I was looking over awards myself I noticed something

      On May 25, 1980 the Crown gave the Award of the Purple Fretty to the
      following groups:

      The Barony of Murye Holt (Southern suburbs, dissolved in 1984)
      The College of Grey Gargoyles
      The Province of Tre-girt-sea
      The Shire of Rokkehealdon
      The Shire of Vanished Wood

      Looks like the entire Chicagoland area groups were recognized for
      service at the same time.

      I know Grey Gargoyles had just hosted the Coronation of Talymar gan y
      Llyn and Valmai Arcalien earlier that month and that the awards were
      granted at the Crown Tourney won by Laurelen Darksbane and Ithriliel
      of Silverlake.

      Does anyone know more of the story? Sounds like it would have been a
      very exciting moment during Court to watch all of these groups
      recognized together. If you know, please share – I'd love to hear the

      Your Servant to Command,
      ~Philip White, Ayreton Seneschal
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