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304Re: [Ayreton] Minutes from the Towne Hall meeting on 9/30 (fox hunt)

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  • Patricia E. Chadwick
    Oct 2, 2006

      <snipped for length>

      As a note of sponsorship. .  I noticed on the calendar, there's an event called "Inkin' in Lincoln " that shows the sponsoring group as "{Baile na Scolairi/Rokkehealden}" as co-sponsors. .  (This is opposed to the incipient shire sponsorship, which is shown differently- - for example "{Drakelaw (Val d'Azure}}")  This is the first time (I think) that the kingdom calendar has listed co-sponsors in this fashion...  I realize it may be a little excessive, but could we get all six shires listed as co-sponsors?  Anyone from Rokkehealden on this list know anything about how this worked for you?

      All we had to do was have BOTH seneschals agree.  I maybe over simplifying it.

      In Service,

      Akiko co-autocrat for Inkin in Lincoln .  Please volunteer. J

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