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3037RE: [Bronze_Ring] Fwd: Vote for Thorbjorn's Favor at MKAOD

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  • Clint Anderson
    Aug 25 6:44 AM


      Anton du Marais 

      To: Bronze_Ring@yahoogroups.com; TerraeFinis@yahoogroups.com; Ayreton@yahoogroups.com; ShireofRavenslake@yahoogroups.com
      From: AlexdeSet@...
      Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 00:13:15 -0400
      Subject: [Bronze_Ring] Fwd: Vote for Thorbjorn's Favor at MKAOD

      Could someone pass this to the Thieves, too? Thanks!

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      From: John Inchingham <inchingham@hotmail. com>
      To: inchingham@hotmail. com; frazier@bradley. edu; alexdeset@aol. com; mandritta@yahoo. com; catcheen@verizon. net
      Sent: Sun, 24 Aug 2008 7:30 pm
      Subject: Vote for Thorbjorn's Favor at MKAOD

      Alexander, Maire, Cat,
      Please share this announcement on all pertinent lists.   Thanks.
      On Labor Day Weekend of this year (2008), at the Middle Kingdom Academy of Defense, fencers will be asked to elect a new bearer of Thorbjorn’s Favor. The current bearer is Warder Anton du Marais.
      Thorbjorn’s Favor is a traveling honor, created in remembrance of Master Thorbjorn the Greysides, awarded once a year to an attendee of the Middle Kingdom Academy of Defense in the Shire of Ravenslake on Labor Day Weekend. Citizens of the Middle Kingdom and of the kingdoms of Northshield, Ealdormere and Calontir are eligible. Those gentles who have already borne the favor (see list below) are not=2 0eligible to bear it again. The bearer is chosen each year by a vote of those fencers in attendance. Tie votes are decided by the previous bearer. The new bearer is asked to wear the favor for one year, to bring it back to the next MKAOD, and to have his or her name embroidered on the favor before passing it on to the next bearer.
      1. Master John Inchingham
      2. Master Fritz Bare
      3. Sir Guillaume LaFort
      4. Baron Adam Comyn
      5. Master Alexander de Seton
      6. Warder Christian de Fournier
      7. Don Mateo Montero de Madrid
      8. Warder Gallien le Cavalier de L’lle
      9. Baron Philippe de Leon
      10. Warder Moira MacGillavrey
      11. Warder Anton du Marais

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