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2987Until we meet again

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  • JC Ravage
    Aug 14, 2008
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      Good Gentles All,
      I have just completed a move to New York, from there to end up anywhere from there to DC to Chicago again and anywhere in between.  To those of you who I did not have the chance to say goodbye to in person, thanks for all your support and friendship in the last three years.  Cheer or shudder, you have made me the SCAdian I am, and I will miss you all deeply and watch with keen interest the development of what will always be my first SCA home.

      Best of luck to you all, and I will visit as I am able.

      William Atherbridge

      Will O'Ayreton (written to the tune of Jock O'Hazeldean)

      'Twas in the year o' thirty-nine
      a traveler was I
      and though it had raised me from birth
      to Ostgardr bid goodbye
      I found nae welcome, far from home
      and feared myself undone
      But 'neath these towers refuge found
      so came to Ayreton

      Such friends and mentors here had I
      the mem'ry makes me smile
      such folk to fight and dance beside
      and sojourn with a while
      Say these friends all in my mind's eye
      That I've ne'er more to run
      They say, Will, set thy anchor down
      your home is Ayreton

      My ship sails on the morning tide
      the sailors cry heave ho!
      the wind and wave be ne'er denied
      and I awa' must go
      Though born I was in lands far off
      and wander I again
      Where'er I go the name I'll bear
      Is Will o'Ayreton