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2984FW: Pennsic Lyme Disease

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  • Scribesquire@comcast.net
    Aug 12 1:51 PM
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      Subject: [Stonemarche] Lyme Disease at Pennsic
      Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 14:58:23 -0400
      From: Virginia Taylor <tchipakkan@tds. net>

      I just got a call from Mistress Alizaunde who noticed a rash at
      Pennsic, and when she got it checked Monday was admitted to the
      hospital for Lyme Disease, where she is now being treated. She would
      very much like to have the information circulated to all SCA lists so
      that anyone who was at Pennsic and may have also gotten bitten can
      also get treatment.

      "Lyme disease causes flu-like symptoms, including fever, muscle pain,
      arthritis-like joint pain, fatigue, and a skin rash. In rare cases,
      it can lead to temporary paralysis of the muscles in the face, or
      serious heart o r nervous system problems.
      Early treatment with antibiotics is important to avoid long-term
      problems. Although symptoms sometimes last for months, early
      treatment increases the likelihood that they will clear up completely."

      "About 75% of the people who contract Lyme disease don't remember
      being bitten by a tick."

      Please send this on to lists I may have missed- we'd hate to have
      anyone wait too long because they didn't think of checking for Lyme.

      Hl�fdige Arastorm, Stonemarche, EK