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2949Live from Chinngis Khan International Airport

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  • kateslists@comcast.net
    Jul 30, 2008
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      yes, really. Nick brought a computer and we've got wireless in the airport:)

      Mongolia is beautifull! So far, we spent a day in Ulaanbator and 3 in the Gobi desert. We're in the airport getting ready for a flight to Bayan Olgii - that's the western state where we'll see the eclipse.

      The Gobi was cooler and greener than we thought it would be. That's probably because we were graced with one of the bi-monthly rainstorms the night we got in. The Gobi is packed sand and rocks. We got out to the flaming cliffs and actually saw a couple dinosaur bones that are still in the rocks. We also got out to some sand dunes, rode comels, and went to the Yolin gorge.

      have fun at Pennsic
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