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2934Re: [Ayreton] Recruiting New Members in the SCA

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  • jeffnaggie@aol.com
    Jul 23, 2008
      Speaking as a chatelaine I think that's a great idea.  The care and feeding (and gaining) of new members is a lot easier if it becomes a whole group activity.....It takes a village....or in our case a future barony....
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      I've taken Sir Kyppen's class, and it's really good.  In fact, he is willing to come to groups to offer it and make it area-specific, so we discussed at our business meeting on Sunday (VW's) that we would like to sponsor him coming in (we'd house and feed him and any of his family that wants to come with him) and have him do his class to any people from Ayreton who would like to attend.  I was going to contact him AFTER war about scheduling (only cuz stuff is too hectic now, and I want the pressure to be off of both of us).  So, for those who can't make it at war, we'll try to bring the speaker to you.....




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