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2914Re: [Ayreton] Congratulations to Baron Thorvald Redhair

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  • Dougal MacAlister
    Jul 22, 2008
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      How did His Majesty put it?  "He just hasn't learned to keep his hand down" now that His Excellency Thorvald Redhair is working in the Seneshallate.
      THL Dougal MacAlister, C.G.C.
      Midlands Regional Archery Marshal

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      There goes the neighborhood.

      On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 3:41 PM, <suzanearley@ comcast.net> wrote:

      A little bird told me that Thorvald Redhair is now LWT/// a Court Baron!





      Ld. Earik MacSkellie, esq.
      Guild Head, Ayreton Brewers Guild

      "Doo after the good and leve the evyl, and it shal brynge you to good fame and renommee."
      - William Caxton's preface to Sir Thomas Mallory's Le Morte d'Arthur

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