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2873Re: [Ayreton] Pilgrims from afar. :-)

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  • Teleri
    Jul 18, 2008
      Hello Peter,
      We do not always have dance or music at the Sunday practices, but if folks are passing through from out of town, it might be fun to arrange that there will be.  How many folks are in your caravan?  Some people will have already headed out to Pennsic, but I can try and find out which of the other musicians and dancers will be in town.  I still have most of my Collegium music, and some of the current repertoire of the Pippins overlaps what the Collegium has been doing recently.
      Once a Cynnabarbarian, Always a Cynnabarbarian

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      From: Jeffrey <jeffshuo@...>
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      Sent: Monday, July 14, 2008 6:42:52 PM
      Subject: [Ayreton] Pilgrims from afar. :-)

      Dear everyone:

          Greetings! My name is Peter Geoffrey of Turnberry, originally
      from the Barony of Cynnabar, and now hailing from the Barony of Three
      Rivers in Calontir.

          I noted on the Ayreton web site that there are often A&S
      afternoons with the combined fighter practices on Sundays. Some
      SCAdian friends of mine and I were coming to Chicago for Bristol
      RenFaire the weekend of July 26th (with musical instruments and garb,
      of course). I was wondering if there was a lot in the way of singers,
      musicians, or dancers that hung out at the Ayerton combined practice,
      as it would be neat to drop by and jam and sing and dance and whatnot
      if there were folks who did that sort of thing on the Sunday, July
      27th fighter practice. I've had the wonderful privelege of singing,
      dancing, or playing music with folks from Ayreton at events all across
      the Middle over these last many years, and so I thought I might ask if
      anyone would be in town and at the combined practice on the 27th and
      interested in making mischief with a few pilgrims from afar. :-)

          Cheers! :-)

                - Peter Geoffrey of Turnberry


      Jeffrey Huo, MD PhD
      Department of Pediatrics
      Washington University School of Medicine
      St. Louis Children's Hospital


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