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2813Re: [Ayreton] Simple Day

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  • thomashughes06@comcast.net
    Jul 3 6:20 AM
      Simple Day is going to busy for us.  My protege, Moira MacGillavrey, and her husband, Torquil, will be installed as the new Baroness and Baron of Sternfeld.  This is new news this week.
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      From: "Sarafina Sinclair" <Sarafina.Sinclair@...>

      Greetings Friends,
      Etienne and I are attending Simple Day and would like to know if there is interest in doing an Ayreton group tent again like we did for Chaos Caravan. We'd bring our pavilion and ice and water to share with folks from the barony. An impromptu pot-luck would be nice as well. Salty snacks would be good to replace all the salt we will certainly lose from sweating buckets that day. Also if anyone else wanted to bring a tent and set up next to ours, we could create a complex and provide more area for shade.
      Is anyone interested?

      Mistress Sarafina Sinclair, OL
      http://ladysarafina .home.att. net

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