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2776Webminister Officer Candidates

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  • Craig
    Jun 22, 2008
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      Greetings All from Philip White, Ayreton Seneschal.

      We have volunteers for our Web Minister Officer!

      Your list of candidates:

      Mistress Gwenhwyvar Nocturnal (Cynthia McCowin)
      Mistress Sarafina Sinclair (Harlie Des Roches)
      Lord Angus Fraser (Andy Otto)

      As mentioned, we are following the process we first used to select
      officers (i.e. a general election) since we are still in the process
      of creating our governing documents. In order to help you make your
      decision candidates are encouraged to post information on the Ayreton
      website (www.ayreton.org).

      You have two ways to vote for the Web Minister Officer:

      By Proxy: Email your choice to either your branch Seneschal or the
      Ayreton Seneschal. Proxies must include your SCA name, modern name,
      branch, zip code, and membership number. Proxies are due by
      Wednesday, July 9th. It is your job to confirm that your proxy was
      received in order to be counted.

      In Person: Come to the Ayreton Business Meeting on July 13th in
      Rokkhealden. Both members and non-members can vote in person. Voting
      in person will be anonymous.

      This election is held in conjunction with our Baronial device run
      off. Please feel free to email both your choice for Web Minister and
      your choice for Baronial device at the same time.

      Thanks to our volunteers! And thanks again to the populous. The more
      people we having voicing his or her opinion the better. If you have
      any questions please contact me and I'll do my best to help you out.

      Your Servant to Command,