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2680Fw: [haus_brandenburg] Re: [boarspear] Armor's gone...

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  • Dayle Harding
    May 30, 2008
      Good Gentles--

      Apparently once again there is evilness at work.  Konrad Mailander, a wonderful gentle, has had ALL his armor stolen from his car.  Two bags, both light and heavy gear.  I include for you what was in both of them. Pictures of the helm and other pieces will follow as Konrad gets them posted.  If they are found, I'll let you know, but if you see any of this stuff, please let one of the von B's know.


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      Bag # 1  Hockey bag with broken handle and one missing wheel

      Sallet – 12 ga. SS attached bevor by Alan Bauldree

      Sallet – 12 ga SS w/ separate bevor by Dragonforge Armory

      GAA SS gorget

      Waldryk  SS clam shell gauntlets

      Half Gauntlets SS by Alan Bauldree

      Finger Gauntlets SS with Brass by Alan Bauldree

      Low profile SS knees attached to volley ball knee pads.

      Low Profile SS elbows

      Barrel plastic back and breast with belt (ugly as hell always covered)

      Sword with SS basket hilt by read falcon

      Combat gloves from US Cav.  Two pair. 

      Slashed shoes.

      Elbow pads

      Various rolls of duct tape and other misc bits.


      Bag #2

      Maximillian fencing helm

      Triplette fencing mask

      Black Triplette fencing jacket

      Linen fencing jacket red with brown and yellow slashes

      Homemade fencing jacket denim

      Triplette gloves black and white.

      GAA SS gorget


      Yellow Plano plastic tool box on lid has “Konrad Mailander, Red Spears, Midrealm, Use what you need, please put tools back” written in marker on it.

      Assorted hand tools

      Years of my life...

      Hauptmann Konrad Mailander, Schultheiß von Rot Speere
      Apprentice to Master Brusten de Bearsul OP, OL(Gaming)
      Squire to Sir Gunther von Brandenburg
      Si hoc obstat, dejectum sit - If it's in the way let it be knocked down