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2672Re: [Ayreton] PIB funds

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  • jeffnaggie@aol.com
    May 27, 2008
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      Foxvale also....so says the deputy.


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      Sent: Tue, 27 May 2008 9:12 am
      Subject: Re: [Ayreton] PIB funds

      Greetings all--

      I'm not sure we ever announced it, but Vanished Wood voted on and agreed to the same thing. 


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      Subject: [Ayreton] PIB funds

          It was voted upon that the Shire of Rokkehealden shall take the profit they recieved from the Ayreton event and give to the Proto-Incipient Barony. This amount is somewhere in the $160-$180 range.
      Henry of Exeter
      Seneschal, Shire of Rokkehealden

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