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2585Sewing Marathon request on Memorial Day weekend

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  • Kerri-Ellen Kelly
    May 7, 2008
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      My friends, it has turned out that I have no real plans for Memorial
      Day weekend plus I have a huge sewing list to prepare for my first
      Pennsic visit. Consequently, I would like to spend a large amount of
      time sewing that weekend. This is more likely to happen if I leave my
      apartment to do so (smile) plus it's more fun to have company while
      doing so.

      I would happily invite people to my place, but I have a small
      two-bedroom apartment with very little space, and my complex does not
      rent out its very nice clubhouse for activities.

      So, alternatively, is anyone interested in hosting one or more sewing
      days that weekend?

      I will happily make cookies to bring with me and share. I have this
      recipe I found on the internet last year for "magic peanut butter
      middles" that gets rave reviews whenever I make it, plus I can make
      another batch of non-nutty cookies of some sort for anyone who might
      not like peanut butter or is allergic to nuts. I can even bring a
      partial bottle of Peach Schnapps to share too :-)

      I'm based up in Wheeling but will readily drive elsewhere in the
      Chicago area for this undertaking.

      Margrett Norwoode a/k/a Kerri-Ellen

      (also found at mistressmargrett@...)