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2545Arts & Sciences documentation tutorial/discussion Sunday

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  • Doug Valenta
    Apr 29, 2008
      As part of our newly minted series of A&S tutorials, Master Philip
      White will be hosting a discussion of arts and sciences competitions
      and how entries are documented and judged. If you've always wanted to
      enter, but have been too scared to find out how, fear no more. This
      discussion will also make excellent fare for anyone traveling to Crown
      Tourney who'd like to get a better idea of what they're looking at
      during the Kingdom A&S Faire.

      Where: Ida Noyes Hall, University of Chicago, 1212 E. 59th St.,
      Chicago, IL 60637
      When: THIS SUNDAY, May 4 at around 2 o'clock (after Grey Gargoyles
      business meeting)

      Yours in service,
      Lothar the Vexed