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2514Foxvale Advancement

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  • Joanne Labny
    Apr 27, 2008
      Greetings Ayreton,

      As the seneschal of the incipient shire of Foxvale
      (someday to be the canton of Ayreton) have a request
      to make of my fellow townspeople. Foxvale is in the
      process of completing its paperwork and portfolio to
      submit to the Kingdom to be elevated to a full status
      group. I ask any of you who would like to offer their
      support in this effort, to write a letter of
      recommendation on Foxvale's behalf.

      As the paperwork is being sent to the Kingdom
      Seneschal and the Curia, you may address these letters
      to either. Foxvale also has the goal to have the
      completed advancement packet in the mail by one week
      from today, May 4th. You may send these letters to me
      via email or snail mail (see below for my contact

      Thank you Ayreton for all the support and
      encouragement you have given us. As it has been my
      honor to be a one of the founding members of Foxvale,
      it is now my honor to be a part of the founding of the
      Barony of Ayreton.

      Yours in Service
      Lady Fiona ni Chiardubhain
      Seneschal - Incipient Shire of Foxvale

      Email - jobear_4@...
      Address -
      Joanne Labny
      1305 Cherry Dr
      Batavia, IL 60510
      Home Phone - 630-482-9503
      Cell Phone - 630-779-1378

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