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2314Re: [Ayreton] Proto-Incipient Baronial NAME conversation

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  • Christian Fournier
    Apr 4, 2008
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      I liked "Barony of the Inland Sea", but apparently that was taken by a Barony in Northshield. I'm not entirely sure why that would preclude us from using it though...

      If it's a name already registered with the College of Arms, then that precludes us from using it (unless we get permission from the previous registrant to use it).

      From what I'm able to find in the Armorial, there's no "Barony of Inland Sea" currently registered.  There is a "Black Company of the Inland Seas", and an "Inland Seas Herald" (the latter name is registered to the Kingdom of Ealdormere; the former name to an individual, Brand the Black, probably as the name of his household).  

      So, it might or might not be possible to register "Barony of the Inland Sea"; any of the real herald-types here can answer to that better than I can.  

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