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2307Re: [Ayreton] Proto-Incipient Baronial Device Competition

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  • Cerian Cantwr
    Apr 4, 2008
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      You don't like puns Kevy. I thought they could take away your herald's
      license for that :-)


      kevin purtrell wrote:
      > I believe its just:
      > Ayreton
      > Dragonsfont
      > Bear Lake
      > Personally, I hate Ayreton. I'd rather not have the group name based on
      > a stupid pun.
      > I'm liking Dragonsfont more and more, but I'm not certain it follows
      > Medieval place naming practices. Perhaps someone who knows more than I
      > can clarify. I also like Bear Lake its very neutral and something we all
      > have in common. It can always be translated into another language if
      > "Bear Lake" is too bland. YMMV.
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