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2293On the subject of by-laws

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  • Ayreton Towne Cryer
    Apr 3, 2008
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      To the people of Ayreton, greetings from the Towne Cryer.
      Angus has brought some great resources to the discussion of potential by-laws and/or charter for the PIB of Ayreton.
      However, it is in fact too early to have a full populace discussion and decision on this list: 
      1. We have not yet finalized the polling to determine if the Towne of Ayreton is actually moving to Proto-Incipient Baronial status.  That polling will be complete on April 26.
      2. It will be the responsibility of the PIB officers to facilitate the discussion Angus has raised, after (and if) we move to the next step in the process.  Let us trust the Transition Officer who is advising us in this entire process, and not jump the gun on big decisions like by-laws.  Part of your decision process as you vote on officers should be to determine who will best manage this process.
      3. Let's stay focused on the tasks at hand before we tackle a new, big subject. 
      Yours in service,
      Mistress Gianetta, Towne Cryer and List Mistress

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