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2291Re: [Ayreton] PIB Candidates and warrants

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  • PJ Reaney
    Apr 3, 2008
      I am currently warrented as a Herald-at-Large.
      At your service,
      THL Phebe Bonadeci

      Philippa of Otterbourne <otterbourne@...> wrote:
      Unto the populace of Ayreton does Lady Philippa of Otterbourne send greetings.
      As I am only familiar with officer selections at a local group level, I wish to ask for some clarification from the more experienced members of the populace or the "Powers That Be at this point in our Baronial Process."
      I have looked over the candidates listed in the email from the Ayreton Town Crier and have read each candidates blurb on the website.  I believe in being an informed voter.  What I'd like clarification on is if candidates for offices which require warrants need to have the required warrant prior to the election process? 
      If so, is someone vetting the candidates to ensure any pre-requisites are met?  Will this information be communicated to the populace on either the egroup or the website?  If it's not a requirement, can we still let the populace know who does or doesn't have a warrant for the office they are running for?  I personally would like to specifically know if a marshal or chiurgeon candidate has in fact completed the required training and evaluation period for the office they wish to hold. 
      Humbly submitted,

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