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229Archery Practice

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  • Mike
    Sep 12 2:32 PM
      Hello all,

      I'm going to be holding official archery practices on Wednesdays from
      7ish til close, about 9pm @
      http://www.archerycustomshop.com/ I know that Hannah does the same
      thing, as we see each other there often.

      It's a cozy place with AC, good instructors, enthusiastic staff, and
      did I mention AC? Full service pro shop, if Terry can't fix it, it's
      really broke. :) The range is only 20 yards, but what can you do in
      the city. Range fee is small $7 / hour. $0.50 for targets if you
      don't bring your own. Due to insurance, crossbows aren't allowed.

      Contact myself or Hannah for additional information.
      Thank you for your interest.
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