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2288Re: [Ayreton] Proto-Incipient Baronial Candidates

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  • suzanearley@comcast.net
    Apr 3, 2008
      I was anticipating that all funds would be returned, then any unreturnable funds split between the 5 branches. That's what I proposed to Rokkehealden. I'd keep track of where everything came from so I could return it if necessary.
      I have to have that (primary and secondary purpose) for any fund that gets opened on the Rokkehealden books.
      Besides, I can't open any account until we have warranted officers. That won't be for a few months, at least.
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      From: rdpierce@...

      > One request on this:
      > Barony status is by no means a sure thing. Before any moolah is collected
      > in the Barony's name, regardless of whether it is held as dedicated
      > funds on Rokkehealden's books, or in its own account, I would like to see
      > a policy agreed upon which states:
      > 1. What happens to the money if the Barony doesn't form. (I.e. split
      > equally among the participating groups, or by percentage based on which
      > groups contributed more, or if it goes to the Kingdom general fund, or
      > the royal travel fund, etc.)
      > 2. How would a decision that the Barony isn't forming be decided?
      > I feel the first point is important so that, should the Barony not form,
      > there will be a minimum of fuss over where the money goes. And the second
      > point eliminates confusion over who gets to decide, "It's dead, Jim."
      > Also, I feel it might be prudent to wait until a registerable name is
      > decided upon before opening a bank account. I've seen banks impose all
      > manner of hassles to make changes on corporate accounts.
      > In service,
      > Ryan Mackenzie
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      > >suzanearley@...
      > >Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2008 4:45 PM
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      > >
      > >I was asked if we could have a PIB bank account, and the word has come back
      > >that this is normally done as a fund in another branch account (since
      > >incipient branches aren't allowed to have bank accounts). However, once we
      > >have a full slate of warranted PIB officers, Aiden (i ncoming Kingdom
      > >Exchequer) is fine with us opening a separate bank account, since this isn't
      > >a new low-level branch and there's no risk that we'd all disappear and lose
      > >the funds. :D
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