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2253Science! Night report and announcement

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  • Andrew Otto
    Mar 31, 2008
      Science! Night was great fun!
      Armor was made (Johannes looks mahhavelous, darling). Instruction in the use of the Noisy, Scary Saw(tm) was provided. Dovetails were cut by hand! Drawers were found to be hopelessly twisted and will require rebuilding. Plans were laid, plots were hatched and our chickens came home to roost.
      You should'a been there.
      What is Science! Night?
      Science! night is an informal SCA activity designed to encourage work on Sciences projects. It is an open workshop, a social event, and cooperative teaching/learning environment. There is nothing overly serious or formal about Science! night.
      We believe that it is far more fun to work on something while people are heckling you. Having an extra pair of hands (or 2 or 3) sure comes in handy when you are trying to set that last rivet. Having an extra set of eyes is useful too ("aren't you putting that in backwards?").
      So, bring a Science project to show off, work on, get help with, or lament about. We have facilities for working in wood, leather, paper, food, cloth and light metal. Beginners taught, experts welcome, but most of us just kinda fumble through. Spraying of VOC's is outdoor only until I can build a painting booth.
      When and where is Science! night?
      Alternating Sunday Nights from 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. at Pennilond Maner (Angus and Rosaline's home)
      Phone Number: (630) 963-9128
      Address: 5224 Pennywood Drive, Lisle, IL  60532-2030
      Next scheduled Science! nights are:
      April 13, April 27, May 4, May 25
      Coming soon! Build your own period-looking knock-down chest.
      We are working on mass production of knock-down chests. These items are easily built, inexpensive and period-looking boxes for holding mundane ice chests and similar containers. They are held together with knock-down hardware and can be transported as six small, flat panels.
      To this end, we are planning to set up "Angus' Sweat Shop" sometime in May. Anyone wishing to have one of these chests would show up, pay a nominal charge for materials ($10-$20) and be put to work either cutting out, sanding, or assembling. No experience needed, we will train. You walk away with having a fun afternoon/evening and a pretty neat chest.
      Keep a look out here for the official announcement.


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