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2111Magic Henchmen needed call number 2

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  • Emmett Miller
    Mar 5, 2008
      This is call number 2 for Henchmen I still need a number of Henchmen in
      order to make this illusion work. I have also been told that it may be
      delayed and preformed at a deferent event. But at this time I still need
      many more Henchmen. The response to the first request was small. A copy of
      the request has been included in this e mail. If I am not able to get enough
      volunteers by March 10th the project will have to be canceled.
      Thank you

      To the good people of Ayreton I Kuji Kaoni Musashi have been asked to
      perform and illusion at the Ayreton Carnival event. I can only say that it
      has something to do with Ayreton at this time.
      I am in need of a number of Henchmen to help with this illusion. Each
      person needs to be willing to make one peace of garb and spend about $10 on
      a prop. Each person will need to be in attendance at the Ayreton Carnival on
      March 22.
      I need a large number of Henchmen for this illusion. If you would be willing
      to help make this happen please contact me off list and I can give you the
      I say again contact me off list at wizard@... or call me at
      Please include your phone number in the e mail and the best time to reach
      Thank you

      Kuji Kaoni Musashi
      Magical Monk
      The Best ZenBuddhist Chant you've never heard!
      www.coxcomb.org <www.windycitywizard.com>