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211Re: [Ayreton] Re: Roundtable Discussion

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  • Dayle Harding
    Sep 11 10:22 AM
      Ok, gonna answer two different people in the same email.

      We're working on times for the next two meetings at the Fox Vale and VW events.  We'll post as soon as possible.

      There are certainly some events we can try to work around.  The biggest "local" events that come to mind during that time are Rites of Spring and Armored Egg Hunt.  Since we know people from these groups, we should be able to get some kind of clue from them.

      But Tedesco is right...it all depends on site availability on this end.  And, you never know with a first run event.  It could be small, or Royalty could decide to attend, and then it gets bigger, or it could just explode without our permission (size wise).  So, we plan what we want to do, and get a site accordingly, and then "damn the torpedos, full speed ahead".

      Just my thoughts,

      Tedesco da Venezia <tedesco@...> wrote:
      Well at first glance, it sounds like it's going to be a big event (6 hosting groups!) but bear in mind this is the first year it'll be done, and often that means it'll be a smaller event until the word gets out.  But who knows, maybe we'll be surprised.  Unfortunately, there's no way to tell ahead of time-- certainly no way to tell before we get a site.

      As for scheduling, given the metropolitan area we live in, we're pretty much at the whim of wherever we can find a site.  It'd be great to say "lets not put it opposite any big events" but if we can only get a decent site on certain dates, we'll have to compromise.  Plus since we're probably going to be locking down a site in the next few months, many of those "huge events thats typically a big draw" aren't even on the Midrealm calendar yet-- so how do we plan around that?  We can guess when Val Day and other big events are, but that's no guarantee, because they're at the mercy of their site owners as much as we will be.  Fortunately, if we find a site early, we can get it on the Midrealm calendar ASAP and lock out that weekend for any other within-100-miles events.


      On 9/10/06, Valerie <valball_100@ hotmail.com> wrote:
      One other bits thats important as site and date is determining if this
      will be a huge event or a smaller one as well. I'm getting the
      impression we are going all out on this one to make a good impression.

      That being the case the site we choose needs to have plenty of space
      and parking. The date thats picked will want to NOT coincide with any
      other close by huge event thats typically a big draw as well.

      Thats my 2 cents

      Moira O'Dorran

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