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2102Re: [Ayreton] Re: Coronation gifts

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  • Kathy Harrig
    Mar 3, 2008
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      Greetings all!!
      I've been watching this thread, and thought I'd throw my two cents worth in... :-)  having had some experience in the matter under discussion....
      Lots of groups make presentations and give gifts during a reign.  As do some individuals.
      It honestly isn't seen as trying to buy favor....  now if someone were to come up and hand over car keys, it might be a different thing.....
      Some things that are always appreciated and in short supply are scroll blanks and other such items....scroll cases being another good example.  You might check with TRHs Chamberlain once they become TRMs and see what award medallions they are short on at that time (there is a box of tokens and medallions that transfer reign to reign - some are well stocked, some not so much).  I can tell you now that things that can be given with AoA's especially are always in short supply - such as circlets or rings....
      Things that can be handed out to children are always useful as well.
      The mead idea is a very good one, especially as they will have need to stock a few mead halls at events.  Gifts to be given at Pennsic would, I'm certain, be appreciated. 
      Just today I spent nearly $200 on gifts to give at Gulf Wars, and that is just to add to the major items we commissioned......and we are going as *visiting* Royals, not as a host.
      And these are not reimbursable expenses.....just part of the package of being Royalty.
      The new tradition is to do a gift exchange with only one other Kingdom, and I believe that we and the East exchange, then the Allies get matched up, but even so, when you are trying to attract Allies, it is always good to be able to have gifts to present over the course of the 'courtship' period.  :-)
      Gift cards for gas are great, as well as for Starbucks or fast food places that are common across the Kingdom. 
      I hope some of these suggestions have helped!!
      Everyone take care, and I hope to see some of you at Gulf Wars!!

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