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210Re: [Ayreton] Re: Roundtable Discussion

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  • Dayle Harding
    Sep 11, 2006
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      Given a forced choice between showing off our combined talents or getting to know each other better, I'd have to say that it's the first of those.  I think we ARE getting to know each other better, and have been playing together well for awhile.  I don't think we need to convince ourselves of it anymore, not really.  But we DO need to convince others. 

      Besides, what the discussion has been having this turn into is turning out WAY cool.  Who doesn't like cool events?


      James McAdams <jmcadams@...> wrote:
      Tedesco da Venezia wrote:

      > Well at first glance, it sounds like it's going to be a big event (6
      > hosting groups!) but bear in mind this is the first year it'll be
      > done, and often that means it'll be a smaller event until the word
      > gets out. But who knows, maybe we'll be surprised. Unfortunately,
      > there's no way to tell ahead of time-- certainly no way to tell before
      > we get a site.

      Perhaps I'm being overly forward (since this is my first involvement
      in the idea / planning), but is the intention to draw people from
      elsewhere in the kingdom and show them our combined abilities, or is it
      a continuation in the "getting to know each other better" process? Or
      both at once?


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