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2096Re: [Ayreton] Coronation gifts

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  • Scribesquire@comcast.net
    Mar 3, 2008
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      I have been giving Master Christian's words some thought before I replied.   My intention was not to give any undo appearance, pandering or otherwise.  I believed it is a good way to showcase the artisians of our group and to actually START the tradition of giving gifts for every coronation.  I believe the scroll case are a fantastic idea and will be putting some time in helping with that project but I see no reason for that to be the only thing we do, gift wise.
      Anything we do as a group from here on out can be considered starting a tradition.  I just think this to be a good one to start.  :)
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      From: Christian Fournier <cf@...>

      Hi, all-- I just wanted to weigh in with my thoughts, as well.

      I was a little hesitant, at first, with the idea of lavishing gifts
      upon Lutr and Tessa from the proto-incipient Barony, only because (so
      far as I know), neither the local groups nor Ayreton have a tradition
      of personal Coronation gifts to the Crown, and I'd hate for there to
      be even the appearance of pandering to the Crown.

      That said, I'm all in favor of starting that tradition of Coronation
      gifts, and I think that scroll cases are an excellent idea (in part
      because we DO have a history of giving lots and lots of scroll cases
      to the Crown). I'd also love to see us start offering other things
      that the Crown can use (especially in the war effort, but you know,
      that's sort of a thing for me...) like the children's activities bags
      that Her Highness suggests on Their website, or favors that Their
      Highnesses can give to Their allies at Pennsic.

      I also think it's great that Ettiene is doing coins for them--
      congratulations on getting that commission-- and I think that he (and
      any individual who helps him) should have all the credit for that.

      So, to sum up what I'm saying here, I think it's great for
      individuals to give gifts to their Crown, and I'm in no way telling
      any individual that they shouldn't. I'd love to see us as a group
      give gifts to the Kingdom, but at this particular moment, I'm
      hesitant to see us as a group give gifts to Lutr and Tessa, only
      because I want to avoid any appearance that we're trying to "buy
      their favor".

      Thanks for listening,

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