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2093Midlands Regional Rapier Website

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  • gestion@tds.net
    Mar 2 2:37 PM
      Forwarded by request. - Dycon
      Hey everybody!
       I would like to proudly announce the public debut of the Midlands Regional Rapier Website.  It can be found at http://www.atomicvo le.org/RR/ .  There is a roster by group and SCA name, please check the information and let me know (off list) if there are any corrections.  There's a lot of other information out there too.  Let us know if there is anything else you'd like to see or something that needs changing.  There is a section for the Regional Commander that Anton has been putting items into, so if you're going to Pennsic War or need to contact those in the know for wars, take a look there.
      Please note!  There is a spot for online reporting on the website, this is NOT ready for the current reporting time.  We hope to have it ready for next time, but I will let you know.
      We're very excited about this website and I hope you will be too.
      Midlands Regional Rapier Marshal