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2008Stone Dog Inn V

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  • David Roland
    Feb 8, 2008
      Greetings unto the Populace of Ayreton and all others who this reaches
      from Ian the Green a Scot and Shire of Grey Gargoyles Chatelain.

      It has been one year hence since the populace of Ayreton and others of
      the Middle Kingdom did drive the vile Spanish Inquisitors from the
      grounds of Stone Dog Inn and so this year the Shire of Grey Gargoyles
      is again able to open the Inn's doors.

      The fame of the Stone Dog Inn has grown far and wide! From the
      Spanish Inquisitors we have now gathered the interest of the Crazy
      Scotts! My fellow countryman have descended in droves for the
      drinkin', games of chance, populace pillow fight and some good sword
      fights just to start it off. Rumor has it that the Princess of the
      Kingdom may be coming down too and its hard to resist the chance of
      seeing an Heir of the Throne. There'll likely be some cabers tossing
      around as well as other good Scottish fun! And we're tired of folks
      not knowing what's Scottish and what's not. Allow me to help ya with
      that, IF ITS NOT SCOTTISH ITS CRAP! And just so ya know what IS
      Scottish there'll be a lad there holding a contest called "Scottish or
      Crap?" Well so many of my clansman and other clans are coming that
      this year is Stone Dog Inn V: Clash of the Tartans!


      Now you might be thinkin' that this is just one big advertisement for
      the event using a little subterfuge. NAY!

      We're also askin' for a bit of assistance.

      Have ya ever seen the likes of what happens when so many Scots descend
      on something in droves? Unless you've been to a battlefield I'd guess
      otherwise! The good folks at the Stone Dog Inn are asking that the
      helping hands to help with whatever needs helping with so many of my
      fellow countrymen running around. I'll be there mahself, helping
      cloth those that the highwaymen took the tunic of, (actually my
      deputy, who is also a Scot, is in charge of Gold Key but I'll be
      workin' it too,) and I'll be on clean up crew picking up fallen
      pillars and shattered chairs and tossing out any remaining trash (like
      those damn English and French! We've got our own King we don't need
      yours!) along with my lady (whose a good German mind ya!)

      So if ya can come and want to party out with the Scotts, COME and then
      please come help, it'd be much appreciated.

      Lord Ian the Green,
      Scot 1250ish
      P.S. No I didn't come up with the theme but I did run with it! :-)