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1994Event Announcement: Stone Dog Inn V: the Clash of the Ta rtans‏

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  • Wolfram von Waldersbach
    Feb 5, 2008
      Greetings Good Gentles,
      The Shire of the Grey Gargoyles invites you to their event, Stone Dog Inn V: the Clash of the Tartans, on February 23, 2008, at Ida Noyes Hall.
      We have a variety of activities scheduled for Stone Dog Inn V, including Rapier Tournaments, and the return of some other popular activities: the Populace Pillow Fight, various period Games of Chance, the Variety Show and the Stone Dog Inn Auction.  We are also adding Scottish-themed activities: a Make A Kilt Competition, and a variation on some Highland Games.  Also, be on the lookout for new wrinkles such as the "Haggis Hunt", "Scottish or Crap" Trivia, and the dreaded "Welsh/Scottish Spelling Bee".
      Also, you will get a sack full of Stone Dog Inn coins upon entry.  Most activities are an opportunity to wager and earn more coins.  You can get additonal coins at our pawn shop, and there will be an auction in the evening to spend your winnings.
      Feast, created and prepared by Master Thomas Penyngton, will feature a tavern-style dinner, including the following:
      -marinated vegetables
      -pickled eggs
      -wild game sausage
      -slow roasted pork
      -spinach and cheese tart

      Finally, there will also be a Dessert Competition.  Bring your favorite desserts and earn acclaim and coins for the Auction.
      For more information, please go to http://stonedoginn.ayreton.org/.

      I look forward to seeing you at Stone Dog Inn V.

      In Service,

      -Wolfram von Waldersbach
      "Voca me cum benedictis" 
      Archery Marshal of the Shire of the Grey Gargoyles
      Autocrat - Stone Dog Inn V
      "Es gibt zwei Sachen das sollte man besser nicht wissen wie es gemacht wird- Wurst und Politik"- Otto von Bismarck

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