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1980RE: [Ayreton] Perceptions vs Reality

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  • Patricia E. Chadwick
    Feb 2, 2008
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      Hi Gianetta,


      Is it OK to republish, these minutes in our shire newsletter?  I ask for a two fold reason. 


      One our Chronicler is always wanting articles. J    This might make for interesting reading and well I’m just trying to help her out with article recruitment.  By the way, if anyone would want to send an article or two for the newsletter.  It would be very welcome!!!  (Note: She has not asked for me to post.  I’m posting independently, just to be nice and help her out.  Speaking as a former chronicler, I recognize that getting material can sometimes be a hard thing to do.)


      Two, I know of at least one of our shire members who does not have electronic communication.  He does get the newsletter and stays informed of our group activities this way.


      Three, it would just promote additional communication for those who do not follow the e-group and there by could be informed of upcoming meetings and happens.  In short, it could get more people in the know.


      Ok so I can’t count but I haven’t had my tea.  Now I need to get back to work.

      Have a great day!




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      Yes, and as the Towne Cryer, I will make a separate file posted in the Yahoo Group with the minutes from any future meetings, so they are easily and quickly accessible.


      I'll see how many of the old ones I can find and post this way.  Look for more posts when I find em.



      --Gianetta, in the official capacity of Towne Cryer

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      From: Hilla Hamasdohtor <hilla@wild-onions. org>
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      Sent: Friday, February 1, 2008 5:43:43 PM
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      I am somewhat sheepishly replying to my own message in light of my own
      suggestions. It has been brought to my attention (Thank you again,
      you-know-who! !!) that the minutes are indeed posted for, if not all, at
      least many of the town hall meetings. So, in light of that, I am
      wondering if future minutes might have "Minutes" in the subject header,
      so that if we have to use Yahoo's spiffy search function (no sarcasm
      here, cough) they are easily findable?

      My apologies and thanks,


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