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1975New Town Meeting Minutes policy

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  • Jen Small
    Feb 1, 2008
      Unto the populace of Ayreton does Gianetta, the Towne Cryer, send greetings
      I have created a new folder under the Files section of our Yahoo group site.  I clipped the notes from both Fox Hunt and All Souls meetings (previously published in emails from Hizzoner on September 25 and Nov 4 2007) and have created files in the Minutes folder for these minutes. 
      In the future, the minutes will continue to be posted by email, and we will be sure to put the word "Minutes" in the subject line.  I will also put a copy of the minutes into the new folder.
      Also, during my searching, I discovered that the "Advanced search" through messages on the Yahoo site is MUCH more effective than the simple search.  WHen looking through archival messages, I strongly recommend the advanced search.
      Yours in service,
      -- Gianetta, Towne Cryer
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