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1972On Openness and Secrecy

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  • Christian Fournier
    Feb 1, 2008
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      Thanks, Hilla, for your comments and suggestions. I think that we
      could benefit from both a greater certainty that someone's taking
      minutes at any Towne Hall (maybe Da Lord Mayor needs a new Goon?) and
      from clear subject lines indicating when those messages are publicized.

      One thing that you and Andrew and Grimkirk have all raised is the
      desirability of openness in the process. I thought it might be worth
      noting that, at some point, there are limitations to the openness
      that is allowed by Kingdom and Society Law. Now, we're very far from
      reaching those limits, at this point, but there ARE some aspects to
      Baronial Transition (and, indeed, all Society reporting) that are
      required to be kept confidential (including, specifically, the
      results of the Official Poll of the populace, and any personal
      commentary included in any official report).

      I can't speak directly to why the Kingdom and the Society chose to
      require secrecy on certain issues of interest to the Populace, but
      they do. As such, I think it's important to know what we can and
      cannot expect to be given.

      And, like I say, everything we're doing at this point is allowed to
      be done in public, and I think ought to be. I'm just trying to give
      a heads-up, so that nobody is surprised later, when we run into the
      required secrecy that inevitably lies ahead of us.

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