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1968Re: barony vs shell barony

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  • David Roland
    Feb 1, 2008
      First of all both are Baronies. The differentation is how it is put

      Shell barony is like a pie with slices in it. The cantons would be
      the slices. Each is individual unto itself, has its own qualities,
      and in this case its own canton officers. It would, along with all
      the other pieces of the pie (cantons) make up the barony. Something
      like how counties make up a state. The Barony would have its
      officers as well as a Baron and/or Baroness. Anyone from any group
      can be a Baronial Officer including Baron and/or Baroness.

      The other way of having a Barony, that I am aware of, is more like
      soviet era USSR. You have the main unit which makes up a Barony and
      then you have satelite units that make up Cantons seperate from the
      main barony but associated with it. It is my understanding that
      only those people inside the Barony group could be Baronial Officers
      but I may have that wrong.

      These descriptions may be inexact and certainly bow to better
      descriptors and way things are done.

      It is my (imperfect) understanding that further Baronies created
      will follow the shell barony model.


      --- In Ayreton@yahoogroups.com, ldyambr@... wrote:
      > hello all,
      > I am a bit confused and hope some one will clarify
      > 1. What is the differance between a barony and a shell barony
      > 2 what effects exactly would a shell barony have on the ayreton
      area and on each shire, province canton etc.
      > 3. does a shell barony have a baron or baroness at its head? If
      so is there a differance in a shell barons powers than a baronies
      > Ambr Stormwatch
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