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1941Re: [Ayreton] Re: Actual wording of the letter of intent

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  • John Adams
    Jan 31, 2008
      Henry, et al,
      I find it peculiar that you have now seen fit to release this text to others (or publicly via this list) upon the request of another individual, in contrast to your committee's collective decision to decline a request directly from me earlier this week (see below).
      It seems a reasonable person could hardly feel that your previous ruling was anything but a personal decision to withhold this information from select individuals (in this case, me). Yet, based upon the published text (which is consistant with the text from your Chicago_Barony Yahoogroups list archives), I cannot fathom what information contained in it that might have required such safeguarding. As is plain, my request was both polite and timely, and I saw no cause for concern other than my known opposition. Resultantly, I'm sure you can understand that same reasonable person being concerned about any future decisions of a similar nature.
      Was the decision to release this today on the Ayreton list also the product of a vote of your committee?  If so, then perhaps you could explain on behalf of your committee what the distinction in the decision was, or why it wasn handled differently? And will your committee be making similar distinctions on requests from individuals in the future? 

      -- Grimkirk
      cc: MK Transitions Officer

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      Subject: [Ayreton] Re: Actual wording of the letter of intent

      Sorry, I left off a footnote:

      "**Ayreton is a name we feel we can neither document, nor would
      wish to use as a baronial name, but was chosen for fun, several years
      ago, as a play on "the windy city", as all groups are in the
      Chicagoland area."

      And to be completely honest, this footnote is being questioned as
      some research shows it may actual be documentable. Although whether
      it is a name people want is another question altogether. (and one I
      hope people will show up at Stone Dog and discuss).


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      > Here it is. I have left off only the names of the seneschals
      > since that woudl just be extra bandwidth.
      > Everyone can now see the evil intentions of your seneschals (THAT
      > IS A JOKE!!).....
      > "This is to express the intent of the groups known as shires of
      > Grey Gargoyles, (Incipient
      Shire of) Foxvale, Rokkheldon, Vanished Woods
      > and the Province of Tree-Girt-Sea, that we wish to pursue becoming
      > a shell barony together.
      <snipped for brevity>

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      Subject: Re: 'Greater Ayreton Co-Prosperity Sphere'



      I have spoken to the Transitions Officer as well as the local Seneschals on your request for a copy of the letter of intent. Although the T.O. feels there is no Kingdom law or custom prohibiting such, he wished that it would be agreed upon by the local seneschals to do so. Unfortunately a unanimous assent was not reached. As of this time we will be unable to provide you with the copy.


      In Service


      THL Etienne le Couteau des Roches

      Lord Mayor, Ayreton 

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      Sent: Monday, January 28, 2008 1:11:56 PM
      Subject: 'Greater Ayreton Co-Prosperity Sphere'


      As a resident potentially subject to the changes being requested by the committee, I would like to request a copy of the documents provided to Her Majesty on behalf of the 'Greater Ayreton Co-Prosperity Sphere' for review.

      - Grimkirk

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