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1923Re: [Ayreton] Re:Letter of Intent

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  • John Adams
    Jan 30, 2008
      Good my Lord, you do cut to the chase, don't you. I
      give you my thanks for it.

      Everything you say is indeed most true. A re-poll (we
      don't vote) would be fraught with the same pitfalls.
      And is quite unnecessary, as there would seem to be
      sufficient evidence of dissent within the numbers
      already collected. The point I make is that given
      significant dissent (or, in the case of those who
      choase to abstain, a failure to be convinced of the
      issue's merits), there is reason for concern that
      making this move might not be wholly in the best
      interest of the community in this locality.

      A community is comprised of more than simply the
      numbers of its constituents. There is the kinship
      which one feels for their neighbor. There is the sense
      of belonging, that you co-exist with others of like
      mind and spirit. When any segment of that community
      cares so little for those factors, especially enough
      to draw a line down the middle of Main Street and say,
      'We outnumber you and therefore do not care what you
      think', the 'community' is genuinely emperiled.

      The 'remedy' you seek from me is not easily manifest.
      It would require that those who supposedly seek to
      'facilitate (formal) representation of this area' to
      actually care about the potential for negative impact
      upon this group, and not just the prize at the end of
      the journey.

      -- Grimkirk

      --- JC Ravage <ravagio@...> wrote:
      > What remedy do you suggest? Any re-vote will have
      > the same problems as the last one, with regard to
      > people not voting. The voting was well-announced
      > and proxies were available, so the only reason
      > someone could not have made their vote recorded
      > would be if they weren't paying attention at all
      > until it was too late. Any re-vote that had a
      > fixed deadline could not do better. What assurance
      > do we have that enough people to satisfy you would
      > turn up at the Towne Hall you suggested in your
      > first post, when they didn't vote or send proxies
      > to the voting that already took place?
      > If instead you're asking for the polls to remain
      > open until everyone's said "yea" or "nay," that's
      > effectively asking for us to never do anything
      > about it.
      > William Atherbridge

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