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1919Re:Letter of Intent

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  • Lanina Ysalgue'
    Jan 30, 2008
      Hello all,

      (speaking as an individual, NOT senechal)
      I wish to address Grimkirk's concerns (with the
      realization I may end up getting attacked). I
      understand peoples apprehensions of becoming a barony.
      This discussion has been open since last spring and
      the opinions have been listened to time & time again.
      In terms of being not clearly in favor, when has there
      ever been that in any voting? How many people choose
      to abstain from our own governmental voting?
      (especially when it's your own local town hall
      meetings that will affect the zonings, businesses, and
      residencies in your own town?) This situation is no
      different. I'm not saying that the opinions of those
      that abstained from voting have no opinion or that
      their opinion was not listened to, but at the point of
      putting the issue to a vote, they made the choice to
      NOT vote. It does not mean they agree, IT DOES NOT
      MEAN THEY DISAGREE EITHER, so do not take their
      silence as being against the issue. You have your own
      opinions, others have theirs, and they shall remain

      As for a request to have a non-event related town hall
      meeting, I (personally: not speaking for others)am
      willing to entertain the notion. If any suggestions
      can be made on a time, date & place where ALL AYRETON
      I will be there. With this people will need to
      consider others work schedules, personal priorities
      and activities as well as not conflicting with other
      various activities that people will say have more
      priority over this town hall meeting that has been

      (as I return to being woodwork)
      Isabella De Bolsa

      2c. Re: Letter of Intent
      Posted by: "auldefarte" auldefarte@...
      Tue Jan 29, 2008 3:02 pm (PST)

      Group: YES NO Abstain % Not clearly
      in favor
      Vanished Woods: 6 2 5 53.9%
      Foxvale 8 0 3 27.3%
      Grey Gargoyles 12 4 1 29.5%
      Rokkehealden 14 4 3 33.4%
      Tree Girt Sea 15(c) 3(+3) 1 28.6%
      This vote was tied to the motion to drop
      its Provincial status, so as to become an
      equal canton with the other groups participating.
      (c) = Corrected count
      Per Nadezda, Ayreton list 7/19/07.
      (+3)= Missed poll, but known to be opposed,
      including myself.

      Ravenslake 0 19 0 100.0%
      They will likely proceed with their own efforts
      to become a barony.
      ------------ --------- --------- --------- -------
      Average not clearly in favor: 34.54%

      Therefore I wish to respectfully request the committee
      hold an
      Ayreton-wide town hall (ONLY) day function to be held
      within 30-60
      calendar days of your committee's receipt of the
      Kingdom's permission to
      proceed. This function should be specifically for the
      purpose of holding
      collective and open discussion of all points of view
      on the subject
      across all groups, particularly for the benefit of
      those who may not
      have had an opportunity to hear any opposing arguments
      (pro or con), or
      for unavailable commentors to provide adequate and
      timely proxy for
      their statements; not just a partial gathering of
      strongly interested
      parties convened at a conveniently located group event
      which would
      likely require interested parties to pay to attend.

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