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1879Maidens Lost & Found

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  • Folo Watkins
    Jan 21, 2008
      Thanks to everyone who showed up, had fun and cleaned up after themselves!

      The following items were found at the event:
      Marshal Stave
      Marshal Stave with Bells (Irritating Bells; They Jingled All the Way Home!)
      Black Leather Gauntlets (Found by HRM in the Parking Lot; They Look
      to Be Excalibur)
      Little Silver Necklace
      Half Gauntlet
      A White Cap with a Critter Embroidered on it
      Earring with Orange Beads
      Earring with a Red Rose
      A Pair of Wooden Shoe Lasts
      Carved cane dated July 2007
      If any of these are yours, send a note to folo@...