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1876Fwd: Greetings and Well Met.

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  • Philippa of Otterbourne
    Jan 18, 2008
      I'm forwarding on to anyone who may be interested in archery in Joliet, IL.
      FYI below.  I don't have any more details so if you have any questions, please get in contact with the gentle via email or phone included in his post.

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      From: gm287recv <gm287recv@...>
      Date: Jan 18, 2008 11:09 AM
      Subject: Greetings and Well Met.
      To: otterbourne@...

      I am Captain Raff vanTye, and you could say that I sailed to the ends of the
      earth and dropped off the planet for a while.  I was an archery marshal, and
      shoot now just for the stress relief.  Anyhow I am trying to get back into
      the SCA again.

      I also work for Gander Mountain and we are trying to form an archery league,
      and was asking if you could post this to your site for your archers.

      Pardon the obvious plug, But I now work for Gander Mountain in Joliet, and
      we have a Jim Dandy archery range.  Now they know that I shoot my resurvey
      on lunch and I get sniggered at for shooting my "quaint piece of wood."
      They are looking to start an archery League, and asked me to spread it to
      who all that likes shoot.  The League Will start on February 6th and run
      through March 27th which will be a good time to warm up our arms for the
      summer when all those fine outdoor events hit.

      For the Nuts and bolts of it:

      There will be will be Gander Mountain Gift Cards, Hats, Tee-Shirts, and the
      grand prize of a 3-D archery Target.

      For the First two Weeks of the League will be set to establish a handicap to
      keep the field level.  The next six weeks of play will be the actual League

      The target is a NFAA 5 spot target and you will get 3 shots at each spot, 15
      shots per target.  2 targets will be entered for the league play.  Shots
      would need to be on Wednesday from opening of the store at 10AM to closing
      on Thursday 9pm.  Entrance fee on this is $35.00 and $1.00 to shoot.  This
      includes targets and range fee.

      For more information or interest, you can E-mail me directly, or call
      Bob Schaer (Bow Tech) 9am to 4pm at Gander Mountain at 3301 Essington,
      Joliet Il.  for he is the gentleman that is setting up this event.