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1860Re: [Ayreton] The Ayreton event

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  • jay sabath
    Jan 12, 2008
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      Good Gentles, One and All,

      I have put in a bid for the Ayreton event to be the regional A&S faire and will alert you as soon as I hear news.

      My apologies on not getting information or the request out earlier.  My job has blocked employees from using yahoo and google email.  I will be checking this email at least once per day from now on until after the event for peoples questions and concerns regarding the event.

      Anyone who has volunteered to help in any capacity please get in contact with me.  I want to make as sure as I can that it goes as smoothly as possible.

      On Jan 11, 2008 6:21 AM, <Scribesquire@...> wrote:

      I have asked the autocrat if he needs help to do the formal bid and am awaiting his answer.
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      From: mary kearney <thebaronessmor@...>

      Hi -
      Just FYI -
      Until a formal bid is recieved by me and looked over by the Kingdom Officer, there can be no determination.
      Baroness Mor the Merry
      Regional MOAS
      Hi all--

      Was there a decision made about bidding for the regional A&S Faire?  If so, do we know when a decision will be made by the powers that be about whether or not we are the "winners"?

      Just curious,

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