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1856Competition at Maidens

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  • Folo Watkins
    Jan 10, 2008
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      As in years past, the public may be spectators at the combat in the
      mall. For that reason, if you set up in the Mall, we ask that farb be
      hidden if at all possible. A prize and recognition will be awarded in
      the afternoon for the most accurate day camp. Entry into the contest
      is not required. Please come and show the public the best of the SCA!

      There will be a Midlands Regional Combat Practice on Sunday, 20
      January at the ROTC Armory on campus. It will start at 10 am and will
      run until at least 2 pm. Take your best route to Fourth Street and go
      south to the block between Gregory and Armory.

      For further information, see http://www.advancenet.net/folo/Maidens35.htm

      The event ends at midnight; the bar stays open until 2.

      Hope to see ya there!

      Cheers, Folo