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1845Sunday Fighter Practices

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  • scribesquire
    Jan 8, 2008
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      After some discussion a few of us decided we would like to
      practice in a more structered format. This may not be what anyone
      else wants and we do not want to force anyone to practice the way we
      are going to. There is plenty of room for everyone to practice in
      whatever format they choose.

      With that said, if you are interested in joining us ("us" being 4
      folks so far) then here is a basic format we are going to follow.
      This may change as the weeks go on depending on what works best and
      what we need to add/drop. If you do want to joinus in this, please
      be on time (2pm).

      Warm up (unarmored):
      moving while staying in stance
      review and practice specific blows
      armored practice:
      slow sparring/work
      up/down sparring (alternate taking turns fighting from knees,
      one bout up, one bout down)
      regular sparring
      melee practice (short but increasing as summer gets near)

      thank you,
      Henry of Exeter