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1835Festival of Maidens 35

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  • Folo Watkins
    Jan 2, 2008
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      The annual mayhem is less than three weeks away. The web
      page--http://www.advancenet.net/folo/Maidens35.htm--has been updated
      to contain a preliminary schedule a list of confirmed vendors. If you
      have any further questions, please feel free to send them on! People
      who want hotel rooms might still be able to get rooms at SCA rates.

      Pre-registration ends on 10 January. Your envelope must be dated as
      mailed by midnight of the tenth!

      Persons are still needed for the crafters' fair anmd to teach
      classes. Please volunteer to caclark1@.... There is also still
      space to hold meetings during the day; if your organization, order,
      etc. needs to reserve a meeting room, please consult me. First come;
      first served.

      Hope everyone will have a happy Thorrablot!

      Cheers, Folo