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1780Ayreton Fighter Practice Dec 1st

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  • scribesquire
    Dec 3, 2007
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      Sunday, Dec 1st we had the following folks in armor:

      Sir Gueric, Sir Killian, Sir William, Christian Fournier, Lucius, Baron
      Gintaris, Caillech, Gavin, Etienne, Guy, Petru, Thomas, Will, Erik,
      Nissan, Ian, and myself.

      Way too many people spectating for me to list.

      Sir William of Fairhaven taught 3-4 very useful mini classes (a
      specific leg shot, fighting from legs, training technics, etc).
      Everyone seemed eager to learn and try out all these things. He
      promised to come back in 4-6 months and see how we were all doing. It
      was much appreciated by all of us that he was willing to spend the time
      and energy to come on up. Many kudos.

      Practice site is closed until January 13th. Now is a good time to work
      on your armor and think about what you need to work on when we resume.
      The holidays are no excuse to not hit the pell and generally work out!

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