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1776Pennsic 37

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  • Eleanor (Robin)
    Nov 27, 2007
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      Hello Everyone,

      I know its way early but I may as ask now. I am planning to go to
      Pennsic this year (August 1-10) and would like to find out if there is
      a possibility of sharing a ride with someone or if someone could just
      take my gear up and I will either Amtrak it or fly out. If I ride
      with someone I will pay for gas and tolls (also an overnight stay
      somewhere if necessary as long as its reasonable)

      I would appreciate any help at all. I will be camping with the
      Midlands this year. If interested please email me offlist and yes I
      know about MK Rides and had had no luck so far. I would like to know
      no later than January as there is a deadline. If there are any
      scribes that wish to have a traveling companion I would happily oblige
      in any way I can.\

      I would also be willing to travel halfway somewhere depending on the
      distance and transportation.

      Happy Holidays!

      Lady Eleanor Ravenild