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1690Second Annual Lord Aldred of Ascalon Memorial Bakesale.

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  • Ayreton Towne Cryer
    Nov 2 10:40 AM
      Greetings good Sirs, Masters, Mistresses, Lordships, Ladyships, Lords, Ladies, good gentles all and to all others whom this missive may come, it is wished that it be announced that there shall be at the Vanished Woods All Souls Feast Event the Second Annual Lord Aldred of Ascalon Memorial Bakesale.
      As you may have heard on October 19, 2006, Lord Aldred of Ascalon (modernly known as V. Scott Tepe) lost his fight with cancer and the subsequent complications of it.
      Lord Aldred left behind a loving wife, Lady Aline of Bamborough (Teri), and three beautiful children, Kyle 10, and Cassandra and Melissa, 5.  He also left a large family, both biological and chosen....he was well loved by many of us. 
      At the Vanished Woods All Souls Event, November 3, 2007 which is located at the Roselle Methodist Church, 206 Rush Street, Roselle, IL 60172 there will be a Memorial Bake Sale in honor of Lord Alred of Ascalon.  The entirety of all moneys received shall go to his surviving biological family.  A donation jar will be at the table.  It is asked of all who may, to come and join in this worthy cause.
      In this vein all those who are willing to donate an item to the bake sale are encouraged to do so.  We ask that donations come easy to serve in single servings: be they singly wrapped or already cut is fine.  Please provide a card with your name on one side and the list of ingredients on the other side.  In this way we can return to you your baking pans and people with food allergies will be able to avoid that which may do them harm.
      Please contact Her Excellency Keiley at lttlems1@... who is graciously coordinating donations of baked goods for this worthy cause.
      Lord Ian the Green
      Ayreton Towne Cryer

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