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1685Re: [Ayreton] Fighting in Vanished Woods

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  • Dayle Harding
    Nov 2, 2007
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      I have been informed by the MIC of Heavy weapons that Duke Edmond and Duke Bardolph are going to give a short and sweet fighting school, followed by a speed tourney.  The rest will probably be pick ups.  No word yet on if/how/when HRM Palymar will take the field. 

      Weather looks wonderful, so fighting will probably be outside. 

      Please be aware that if fighting is INSIDE, polearms will not be allowed due to ceiling height.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  Pray to whoever you choose for good weather.


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           As I am the Rapier MIC, I'll tell you we will start with auths and inspections at 11 am. Next will be the first tourney, a double elim for novices, defined as  having been authorised in Rapier for 2 years or less. After that a double elim Retained Wounds tourney. Finally a challenge tourney, 1 point for each fight,  1 point for each win (so, if you fight and lose you get 1 point-fight and win you get 2 points); but wait, there's more- a 20 point quiz. Every point over 15 you score on the quiz you get one more point (for a total of 5 possible extra points). Rapier fighting ends at 4.
      Is mise le meas,
      Alexander (not the Lector) de Seton

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      Subject: [Ayreton] Fighting in Vanished Woods

      Can someone give me a little more detail on what is going on fighting
      wise this weekend?

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