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1683Re: [Ayreton] Fighting in Vanished Woods

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  • AlexdeSet@aol.com
    Nov 1, 2007
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           As I am the Rapier MIC, I'll tell you we will start with auths and inspections at 11 am. Next will be the first tourney, a double elim for novices, defined as  having been authorised in Rapier for 2 years or less. After that a double elim Retained Wounds tourney. Finally a challenge tourney, 1 point for each fight,  1 point for each win (so, if you fight and lose you get 1 point-fight and win you get 2 points); but wait, there's more- a 20 point quiz. Every point over 15 you score on the quiz you get one more point (for a total of 5 possible extra points). Rapier fighting ends at 4.
      Is mise le meas,
      Alexander (not the Lector) de Seton

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      Can someone give me a little more detail on what is going on fighting
      wise this weekend?

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