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  • Ayreton Towne Cryer
    Aug 6, 2006
      OYEZ! OYEZ!
      Unto all fencers of the Midlands who would don their armor and lift their blades with comrades to bring the glory of the dragon army onto the doorstep of the East Kingdom and its allies at the great Pennsic War...
      Pay Heed if ye be one of those that would stand and be counted as serving your crown on the field of battle with rapier in hand.   Your Command Lord Gintaras wishes for you to know these words!
      Please Contact the Midlands Fencing Regional Commander at:
      Send your word to him so that he may know the numbers of fencers that may be counted as supporting their crown in this time of dire need, (after all it is three war points and the more the merrier.)
      Please send Gintaras your name, authorizations, fencing awards if any, experience and when you will be at Pennsic.  He has been asked for numbers and would like to get as accurate a count as possible.  If you aren't sure contact Gintarus anyway and simply make note of that.
      Please send your information to Gintarus as soon as possible!
      With great thanks!

      This is an e-mail announcement from the Ayreton Towne Cryer. If you wish to have an activity, demo, event or other type of SCA get together announced feel free to contact me and request an announcement be made. After all the more people playing nice together, the more fun it is for everyone! Corrections can also be made but only if you help me find them.

      The Cryer can be contacted at AyretonTowneCryer@...

      If you wish to be taken off of the announcement please send an e-mail to the AyretonTowneCryer@... and put in the body that you are requesting to be removed from the announcement list.

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